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Where we offer care to people of all ages with the goal of providing the most evidence informed and medically inclined approaches to allow for the quickest recoveries and most cost effective treatment.  Each of our patients receives chiropractic care in a friendly and professional environment with a personalized treatment plan.  Our treatment is administered with the intention to increase function and decrease pain to get your body restored to its most bio-mechanically sound condition.  

We provide "health" care with the intention of bringing you to a true state of health by treating the underlying problem. This is opposed to "sick" care which is to find your symptoms and attempt to cover over those symptoms regardless of the side effects. True health care will have the result of a fully functioning patient, equipped with the knowledge and skills to maintain their health and lead high qulaity life.

At DesRoches Chiropractic you will receive an extensive exam and history where we will get to know both you and your body before we begin treatment. Your treatment will often consist of a chiropractic adjustment, associated muscle work, and both in office active care and self-care for at home to keep you healthy.

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DesRoches Chiropractic, PLLC is owned and managed by Dr. Ryan DesRoches, DC. For any questions concerning our office or the care we provide, look to the NEW PATIENT tab, or the ABOUT US tab. Also to connect with someone for more specific questions feel free to call the clinic at (509)929-8546, or email the clinic at


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