The very first encounter Dr. DesRoches had with chiropractic care was in 2002 during middle school sports. Dr. DesRoches had a very painful injury to his spine that made it hard to walk and the idea of returning to the his sport seemed impossible. After one treatment of chiropractic care Dr. DesRoches was able to return to practice the very next day with almost no symptoms. Dr. DesRoches sought chiropractic care on many occasions throughout his athletic endeavors always having memorable results. These experiences are what lead Dr. DesRoches to becoming a chiropractic physician and for this reason DesRoches Chiropractic welcomes all sorts of athletes and encourages athletes to seek chiropractic care as needed.

On this page is a picture of Dr. DesRoches (green wrestler), a Division I All-American, competing in college for Cal Poly his Alma mater. Dr. DesRoches has an extensive athletic background and he has a passion for helping athletes with chiropractic care as well as sharing his wealth of knowledge concerning training as an athlete.

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