It is very important to visit a board certified doctor of chiropractic as soon as possible following an Auto accident. Whiplash injuries have the potential to grow into a life-long debilitating issue and when speeds as low as 15 mph can cause this it is not worth taking the risk. These traumatic injuries can cause issues with many tissues in your body from bony structures to supports tissues such as ligaments, tendons and associated muscles.

Normal emergency medical examinations can miss the majority of the above mentioned whiplash issues and can unfortunately lead to a life long chronic pain syndrome that you did not even realize was associated with the auto injury. DesRoches Chiropractic specializes in treating auto accident injuries and can work with all auto insurances. Chiropractic care has a long list of benefits when treating a whiplash injury. Listed below are several examples:

  • Reduce pain and inflammation in both joints and muscles
  • Improve and restore spinal and extra-spinal movement
  • Increase speed of recovery time following the accident
  • Activate and strengthen muscles and joints that have become weak
  • Decrease the risk of developing chronic issues increase overall well being

To get help today call or schedule online so we can get you in right away! To make your transition into chiropractic care easier, it is ideal to open an insurance claim before your first visit. If you have any questions regarding you individual auto accident or how to open an insurance claim call the office at (509) 295-7943 to speak with Dr. DesRoches personally.